Inebriocean (LP)

by Thunderclap

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david fairchild
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david fairchild Inebriocean is beyond expectation.... Thunderclap has made a masterpiece and the world is a better place now having this incredible album ..... Favorite track: Black Crow Horizon.
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released April 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Thunderclap Gainesville, Florida

Inebriocean vinyl avail through Dead Tank AND Deathwish Records

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Track Name: Inebriocean

January was endless

Called into the dark
Called into the fog
the faded

This is where
you lost me

What are you waiting for
come to the edge
dive in
Track Name: Low End
Low End

Crashed flight
Your reaching arms

Dead sky
Its broken stars

Dark cloud
A living storm

Flushed, gone
Bleeding, torn

Cold nights
On wooden floors

Blacked out
Hopeless, worn

Red eyes
The devil’s scorn

White walls
His padded cure

Daylight washes
What the night dragged in

All the filth & rubble
From the storms within

Our midnight struggles
All the things we can’t win

The shadows we harbor
A touch of the wicked
Track Name: Capsized

Capsized on a starless night
Wrecked alone, broken bones
Drifting to the bottom
Not too long until the
Ocean takes me

Wasted on a hopeless dream
Drifting nowhere, recklessly
Fading like a falling star
Shooting towards the
Ocean floor

Black tide
Black sky
At the end
I close my eyes
& let the heaviness
Bring me down
Track Name: 47

All in disguise
Lower your eyes
Or they’ll know what
You’re holding

Way in the back
You’ll notice
The shadows
Are folding

Knocking on wood
Knuckles on display

You tell them

Better to fake it

All in at the table
All in at the bar
Once it’s thrown down
We’ll all know
We won’t be going too far
Track Name: Black Crow Horizon
Black Crow Horizon

Lost in this endless sea
Washing over everything

Broken by the gentle winds
A subtle nudge till I give in

The cuts, the salt,
The way it stings

A perfect storm
The wreck it leaves

Last drag of a
Hopeless night

Blown out by the
Morning light

Broken sails
A used machine

& glistening

Thoughts of what was
Left behind

Flushed out from
A weary mind

Dragged out by the tide
Left swollen & empty
A skeleton of what it was
A vacancy,

Bare bones across a dark sky
A brittle constellation
The driftwood of a past life
A dark spot quickly
Track Name: Breach

Something happened last night
I turned the radio on

Dove into that same dream that
Never leaves me alone

I saw you screaming outside
I started singing along

Brought back by an old tune
That drowned out
Everything going on

We howled & we cried
Till we broke down

Crawling home on dead knees
We realized

(all this time we were wrong)

Let’s travel in time
Bring me back home

Right into that dream
That never left us alone

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